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Update – #CancelTheInterview

February 15, 2014

If you do not know or if you have not heard, CNN and Chris Cuomo want to help normalize the child killer’s behavior by offering him a platform to spout more lies.  We need your help! All hands on deck!

1) Please sign the petition to #CancelTheInterview here:


2) Please share the petition and spread the word

3) Contact New Day and voice your discontent with televising the interview with the child murderer

Customer Feedback for New Day

4) Spread the word about contacting CNN

5) Call CNN at  (404) 827-1500.

Don’t underestimate the power we have to shape what media provides for consumption to the masses. If we can bring pressure on CNN and their advertisers, we can put an end to this circus. It is appalling that Cuomo does not understand how offensive this is to a significant portion of Americans and others around the world.  What world does he inhabit? As a father, how could he justify this craven nastiness? Many do not believe because they are blind, but the child murderer is toxic! Look at how he has made to suffer all near him. I’m not much interested in helping out those who seek to profit from the murder of Trayvon Martin but I do seek to make sure the child murderer has no platform to continue to spread his filthy lies about himself and MORE IMPORTANTLY HIS VICTIM, TRAYVON BENJAMIN MARTIN.

#HOODIESUP #ChildMurderersDown #CancelTheInterview

2013 in review

December 31, 2013

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 120,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 5 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

He Ain’t My Bro, He’s Too Heavy! Don West’s Meltdown: Complains of Walmart Factory Work Environment!

July 9, 2013

If you didn’t stay tuned for the marathon court session today, starting at 8:30 am and ending at 9:56 pm, you would have missed Don West get all “I’ve got rights, too, Lady!!!!” in the courtroom. The trial ended early and a series of hearings were held regarding a cartoon the defense wants to introduce and Trayvon’s text messages. I have to say that Judge Nelson has been very generous with her time and has given the defense time to trip the light fantastical in her courtroom BUT she does have a sequestered jury. The defense did want the jury sequestered so there is this thing called unintended consequences…well rather then me go on, watch the video below:

Go to 5:10 in the video…Thanks Robert the Bruce.

As I listen to the background, I’ll add a few thoughts. First, Don West has a very bad attitude that is not professional courtroom demeanor. In the midst of once again blaming the State for the duhfense not doing their own job, they have violated the sequestration ruling on at least three different occasions. Some have speculated that this is a really big deal. Don West goes on to rail about working long hours…are you kidding me? Seriously, if you can’t physically keep up West, save the jingoism, you can remove yourself, and you and your daughters can go and have ice cream. Less processing, less media interviews and maybe you might have time to get your job done. This defense is a joke! Complaining about working on the weekends and having depositions at night…oh well…tell your client it didn’t just blow over. Maybe he should have stayed in his truck and all problems would be solved!

Stand your ground, Judge Nelson with this sleazy defense team! Anybody want ice cream?

07/08/2013 State of Florida vs George Zimmerman Open Thread

July 8, 2013


This open thread is designated to the discussion of all things related to trial, State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman. We welcome thoughts, opinions & the posting of information as it unfolds in the comment section. If you need a break from it all and feel like coming here to vent, or feel like stopping by to say a prayer for Trayvon’s family, we encourage that too 🙂 Just a reminder that all comments are subject to moderation by the DPTM admins and those deemed unacceptable will not be approved for participation.


Uh Oh! Nephew George caught shaking his head at Uncle Jorge in disbelief!

July 6, 2013

Trayvon Warriors, stand up and give the defense team a round of applause for the starting out with the most rehearsed, ridiculous, far-fetched and unbelievable testimony via Gladys Zimmerman and Uncle George Zimmerman ever!

We heard Mama Zimmerman state that the screams she heard were filled with anguish, fear and terror and while I agree that they most certainly were, no one is going to believe that a grown man, armed with various forms of Fight Club experience, as well as a gun, felt anguish, fear and terror. Besides, when has Gladys ever heard her ADULT son scream at all, much less scream like that?

Next, Uncle Jorge would like to have us & the jury believe that on one random night in March 2012, he was working away on his computer with his back to the television, while wifey was watching the news. He’s working away when the news decides to play the famous 911 call; thus hearing the screams (dont forget Uncle Jorge said he knew nothing about the case, has never heard of the call and never knew anything about the call before this night) Upon hearing the screams, Uncle Jorge said immediately he “felt it in his heart, that was George” He then turned to his wife and said something like “What are you watching, or what is that about? That’s George!” Yep! That’s right! In summary to emphasize how ridiculous that sounds, the news played random 911, and without knowing ANY details of what the call was about, he KNEW it was George! Why does he know? Because George used to play with his kids when they were younger and he knows his family’s laughs and cries! LOL!

Have you ever watched a really bad movie and felt embarrassed while watching it? Well I want you guys to check out George’s face during his uncle’s testimony (if you haven’t already). Not only do his facial expressions speak volumes, but at approximately 7:02 into the below video, you can see George blink, gulp and shake his head in a “no” or “I can’t believe this” fashion. As George was sitting there listening, he was uncomfortable, panicked, embarrassed and KNEW that his Uncle had just literally blown it! Even he knew just how insane and far fetched that testimony was.

The defense team has had over a year to prepare for trial, and a family of scripted, blatant liars is what they choose to open with? I think the Zimmerman’s as a whole watch too many movies!

The defense team is damaged goods (like they weren’t already!)